Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blessed With Personal Success

All of us suffer from inner demons. Alcoholism, eating disorders, domestic violence, and abandonment issues being several.  The individual  has to look within him or herself, seek help, arise and live the Life he or she was meant to attain. To admit the problem and grasp an understanding of what innately harms you are the first steps to healing. Over the past couple of years, I've learned to deal with just one of mine.

Driving along a back wooded road very quickly and smoothly, I'm making perfect time to glide home and relax. Thinking of sweats, dinner, coffee, DVD, maybe a book,  or a couple of magazines. Ahhhhh...
 Suddenly a dilapidated, dented, rusty, open backed maroon truck barrels out in front of me from a side street on 2 screeching bald tires. Dust forms a mini tornado. I squint, check my rearview mirror and of course there is no one else behind me. Why?

A driver is barely noticed, though I surmised it is a he after glancing at his large side view mirror. Stereotypical scruffy beard, low brimmed red baseball cap, shades and a cigarette. Despicable.
The truck bounces from side to side with leaf-filled rakes, shovels, a large push broom, a couple of  long warped boards ready to flip onto the pavement or the roof of my vintage 2003 Corolla. I also notice an unleashed Doberman shifting from side to side seemingly glaring at me sandwiched between two mowers.

Suddenly the driver slows to a 15 mile per hour crawl in a 40 zone.  I mutter words that only Satan would savor.  Adrenalin increases, beads of  sweat form upon my brow and I feel internal combustion, very much like a furnace. Not a mid-life hot flash this's ROAD RAGE.

Of course it's impossible to blow his doors off, and flip him the bird, since the road is fairly narrow with a lot of blind spots. Every time I pray he's going to turn, straight it is- in my direction. Besides I couldn't have told if his blinker was on, since part of a "South of the Border" bumper sticker is slapped over his right rear turn signal, and the left is shattered to oblivion.

The next thing I do, is say to myself that the situation is totally out of control and "Surrender Dorothy" (damn it) echoes through my mind. I take a deep breath, pull over to the side of the road and wait for him to vanish. Calming down, I put on a CD, select an awesome tune, and music starts calming the savage beast.

 The frustration and hostility I felt is dissapating, and technically speaking, I gain more time and less agitation at the wheel by allowing the idiot to travel on. After 5 minutes or so, I travel on, feel a lot better and also relieved that I didn't cause a dangerous situation not knowing his temperment, or hitting an innocent victim.

To me this is an element of  personal SUCCESS. I have recognized my problem and have devised a solution to tame it. The world feels a lot better right now. 


  1. Awesome personal story of success! Drivers drive me crazy too. It helps to just pull over and let them on their way.

  2. SWEET JESUS....had to send this out to all our are AMAZING..i knew that tho hehe and i am your FIRST FOLLOWER hehe

  3. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. I understand that. I had to do a lot of it today.

    Absolutely following you! :O)

  4. There are too many idiot drivers out there making the road a very scary place. Glad you handled it well though. Anger in those situations, will only make the problem more dangerous one way or another. Calm reactions always seem to get the best results and not just when it comes to road rage.
    Love your blog!

  5. Go you for taking the step to peace instead of letting the rage take you. That is a real success. *hugs*

  6. Great story of success!! Better safe than dead. I always feel it is better to back away from lunatics on the road. Good for you. My husband is just the opposite. He is crazy and will go after the person, race them, and try to run them off the road while flipping them off in the bargain. He just don't put up with much and usually manages to scare the living beJesus out of me and the kids. He is an OTR truck driver and is a lot more skilled at driving than me. Even though I trust his skills completely behind the wheel, I have no idea what the other lunatic is going to do. So I end up almost having a heart failure and soaking my panties. I am more like you and want to get as much distance between me and the idiot as possible. Great blog. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


  7. (FROM MOM..she couldn't leave a comment, no anonymous option)

    I knew this girl could write, and it's not children's books....not anymore.., hey girl, send in your stuff to some magazine or write your own book? People need to read your wisdom.
    God has given you; and Brenda, some real talent...your girls are real "artist" now go out there and "paint" us some good inner beauty material that has expression!!!
    I enjoyed that!! Thank you!!!!


  8. Kudos, Kudos, Kudos...what a success!! I unfortunately don't have a lot of patience for idiot drivers and I don't think I would have been as successful as you. Great job!! Jenn.

  9. I have found a trick: whenever an idiot behind a wheel upsets me I think, "Will this matter tomorrow? In a week? A year?" If it doesn't, that's helps me to let it go. I'd say you were a huge success! You've also successfully picked up a new follower. :)


  10. This was a fun story to read and I love the lesson. Great write!

  11. Why is it when people are surrounded by tons of sheet metal they behave in ways they would never in face to face situations? I think it's because we forget that other cars contain real people - they're not just hunks of metal in our way. Remembering this helps me keep my cool on the road.

  12. Patience found behind the wheel, let's hope everyone finds it. That is success.

    A Pirate Looks Past Sixty

  13. Wowee what a read! And, what a fun take on the challenge! Good for you! Now, going up to the top of the page to "click" and "follow".

  14. Great way to calm yourself. Music always helps me too. I think some people deliberately drive in ways that cause others to become angry. You didn't play his game and you should be proud of yourself for coming up with an alternative to road rage.
    Theresa Wiza

  15. I admire your self control and awareness.

  16. i do 2 beachlover : ) so Jan has not only won my :awe: she also won the VAGINAL PEACE award!! lol

    LOVE YOU JAN, hehe